Size Information

Below is a basic size chart for all of our products.  However, if you would like to know more, please contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Childrens Sizing
Our sizes are generous so unless you child is either very small or very tall for their age, the age/size ratio is normally correct.
As a rough guide though, here are some approximate measurements:


Product TypeApproximate Age - Size
Trouser4 years5/6 years7/8 years9/10 years11/12 years-
Waist to hem:24 inches27 inches29 inches33 inches37 inches 

Longer Dresses1 year2 years3/4 years5/6 years7/8 years-
Shoulder to hem:19 inches22 inches26 inches29 inches34 inches 

Skirts2 years3/4 years5/6 years7/8 years9/10 years11/12 years
Shoulder to hem:15 inches17 inches19 inches21 inches25 inches27 inches

Size XS = 2 years
Size S = 3-4 years
Size M = 5-6 years
Size L = 7-8 years
Size XL = 9-10 years
Size XXL = 11-12 years

Grown Up Sizing
Women's size XS equates to a size 8
Women's size S or 1 equates to a size 8/10
Women's size M or 2 equates to a 12
Women's size L or 3 equates to a 14
Men's size 1 up to chest 38 inches
Men's size 2 up to chest 44 inches
Men's size 3 up to chest 50 inches